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What’s your style? Ep.03: Dominique Fontanarosa – Savate, Boxe, Kick Boxing

This time we are asking to Professor Dominique Fontanarosa what’s his Style. Dominique Fontanarosa is one of the most respectful figures among combat trainers in Thailand and worldwide. He started young with his national  combat sport: the “Savate” the French Kick Boxing. His career took him to win prestigious competitions including the National, the European and the World Championship. “Dom”Read more

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Stretch better your Martial Arts Stretching

Martial Arts have that fascinating dynamism and speed that require your body to be flexible, and all of you knows that a flexible body means higher standards in your techniques. I still have in my mind the first time I saw Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking an opponent while splitting his legs in 180 degree …and that was AWESOME! InRead more

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