wys_horacio_rodriguez-finalokPukulan Pencak Silat Serak was originated in Indonesia by Pak Serak, a physically challenged person who was able to develop this incredible fighting style using leverages and minor power so he could stop any opponent very quickly.
Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez has been studying Pukulan Pencak Silat Serak for over 17 years and he is the linage holder of Pendekar Victor De Thouars from Indonesia.

img_6029okToday he will tell us what this art is about and how he is bringing it back to Asia with the help of his representative in Thailand, Pembantu Guru Nyk Cowham.
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Serak Seminar 2016

Horacio Rodriguez and Nyk Cowham at the Bangkok Seminar Oct. 16, 2016