This time we are asking to Professor Dominique Fontanarosa what’s his Style.

Dominique Fontanarosa is one of the most respectful figures among combat trainers in Thailand and worldwide. He started young with his national  combat sport: the “Savate” the French Kick Boxing. His career took him to win prestigious competitions including the National, the European and the World Championship.

“Dom” Dominique Fontanarosa can train you in: Savate (French Kick Boxing), Boxe, Kick Boxing and Conditioning organizing group classes at the Boxer Rebellion Gym in Bangkok.

Lots of experience in fight preparation made him trustable by many Boxers and Fighters, his conditioning programs in group classes are great for anyone who wants to get in shape and rocking.

Beside combat sports, he can train anyone for any sport or condition.

You can find Dominique Fontanarosa at the Clark Hatch Fitness, 9th floor, Th. Taniya. Bangkok.