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What’s your style? Ep.03: Dominique Fontanarosa – Savate, Boxe, Kick Boxing

This time we are asking to Professor Dominique Fontanarosa what’s his Style. Dominique Fontanarosa is one of the most respectful figures among combat trainers in Thailand and worldwide. He started young with his national  combat sport: the “Savate” the French Kick Boxing. His career took him to win prestigious competitions including the National, the European and the World Championship. “Dom”Read more

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What’s Your Style? Ep.02: Kanishka Sharma – 3E Combatives

“What’s your Style?” is taking us to India to let Shifu Kanishka Sharma explain what he knows from his own experience and what you can learn from him. Shifu Kanishka Sharma comes periodically to Thailand and organizes training seminars hosted by Bing from Kempo Combatives among with other locations. 3E Combatives is a fighting system developed by Master Sitta Wang which mergesRead more

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What’s Your Style? Ep.01: Leigh Harris – Filipino Martial Arts

For our first episode of “What’s your Style?” we’ve interviewed Mr.Leigh Harris with his Filipino Martial Arts experience. Leigh Harris is teaching at the Boxer Rebellion Gym among with other great instructors. Contacts: Boxer Rebellion – Clark Hatch Fitness, Th. Taniya. Bangkok. tel: +66 (0) 616 565 404 email: website: (coming soon)

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