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Nai Khanom Tom: Father of Muay Thai

Every year on March 17th, Thailand celebrate the Nai Khanom Tom day.  You may hear different names for this celebration such as “National Muay Boran day“, “National Muay Thai day” or “Boxer’s Day“. As we all know, Muay Thai is the National sport of Thailand but this celebration is not just about Muay Thai. It’s a commemorative day to honorRead more

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Muay Lerdrit – Supreme Power

Thai fighting schools are generally engaged in Muay Thai or in Muay Boran classes as sports. Some schools may teach Muay Chaya or other local Muay Thai styles but Muay Lerdrit (or more commonly known as Lerdrit) seems to be a special threat available only to the Royal Thai Army. However, the U.S. Army joined training with the Royal Thai ArmyRead more

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Stretch better your Martial Arts Stretching

Martial Arts have that fascinating dynamism and speed that require your body to be flexible, and all of you knows that a flexible body means higher standards in your techniques. I still have in my mind the first time I saw Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking an opponent while splitting his legs in 180 degree …and that was AWESOME! InRead more

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The Ministry of Tourism and Sports joins hands with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize Muay Thai camps overseas

Dr. Suwatra Sittilor, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, jointly signed a Memorandum of Cooperation for the certification of Muay Thai camps overseas with the executives of both agencies, honorable guests and media attending the event on May 31, 2013, at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. RatchadamnoenNok Avenue, Bangkok. Dr. Suwatra said that the Ministry ofRead more

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