img_6169Tree Roots Retreat is the vision of Founder Aaron Le Boutillier who believed mindfulness, movement and meditation could be experienced through the martial arts, cardio vascular intense exercises and the beauty of architecture, landscaping and design.

img_0052The multi purpose of this place allows anyone to enjoy a holiday doing what they like the most.
The rooms have a gorgeous decoration, very comfortable, clean and right in front of a beautiful garden with swimming pool.
The martial arts gym allows good time with friends in an open space to roll or boxe or even free body training like the Yoga Fly classes.

The place is very well equipped for almost any activity.
The gym is brand new for a full workout and the library near the espresso coffee bar is filled with a multitude img_9817 of books making it a fantastic relaxing corner.
Different activities are available in place: Crazy Monkey, Yoga fly, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, JKD and movement classes every weekend. There are also specific courses through the week

Teachers available: Professor Adam, Professor Rodney, Professor Don, Instructor Lynnie and Sifu Aaron

Other facilities: library, coffee shop, steam room, boxing rings and a well equipped gym

Our retreat offers an experience, either through the design and landscaping or through the variety of courses offered, all designed to reach and awaken your inner warrior and prepare you for full contact living“.

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Photos Credits: courtesy of Tree Roots Retreat