Our approach is different from many schools or camps as we do not teach a single style or Way, merely a training method. Our training method is devoted to developing your personal “Attributes” which will make your skill-set work, thus making the method functional with in the matrix of a real street fight.

The reason so many “schooled” Martial Artists can not apply their Art effectively with the matrix of a Street Fight is because they have not gone through the rigours of learning them within the framework of a functional holistic training method. This means, not only being ready for any situation at any time including weapons and mass attacks, but being able to maintains all 4 ranges and more importantly using a method that allows one to put them all together seamlessly.

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Techniques alone do not win a street fight; the victor is the fighter with the superior mix of attributes. These are qualities like speed, timing, power, reflexes & sensitivity. At the MA Workshop we will investigate many variables guided only by concepts and a general philosophy.

Back when very few really knew what MMA or Ground fighting even was or that there was 4 ranges with in the matrix of any “No-Holds” Street Fight, we where one of the first clubs to teach blended Arts and ranges in the South West UK at that time.

One of the first Clubs in the area using weapons, utilising Full Body Armour (Stick & Knife Fighting), Energy Drills, Grappling, Ground Fighting, Head butts, Destructions, Biting, Dumog, Sambo, GRW, Functional Trapping and Mass Attack Drills.

I openly trained anyone who wanted to learn and always encourage my Students to move on and experiment with others at a time when very few did. I feel this gave them all a solid and proven foundation as well as the most important weapon for any Martial Artist “An open mind!”.

After I moved to Asia in early 2004 after travelling & Teaching in over 15 countries worldwide. I then decided to close all my Schools in the UK and some were passed to others. I am pleased to say many of my students have moved on and become major players in the MA community back home and abroad. I am also proud to have been a part of their successful Martial journey.

I am now & for the first time Teaching my system in Bangkok. Please contact us here or via Facebook to arrange private or group lessons. Thank you for your time.