For who is looking for a relaxing vacation on the beach but also would like to keep on the training, or for who wants to use the vacation time to learn something new and get active.

At Palapon we create a way of life that teaches you to optimize your exercise regimen, manage stress and embrace a healthy approach to nutrition. We offer an opportunity to make real changes to your life on a permanent basis.

Palapon comprehensive holistic philosophy allows you to recapture the fit body and mind you deserve. By using this mind-body approach increased fitness, stress reduction or weight loss, we can make it happen for you.

We will provide all guests with a holistic package to meet their individual requirements. Our approach is simple. To effectively maximize your results, you can expect us to focus on these principles. Both eastern and western cultures recognize that diet, activity and relaxation (stress management) are key factors in each person’s health and well being.

We offer self-defence courses for adults and children, courses for groups and private lessons on the beach, temple or at our Kung Fu camp in sunny Hua Hin. We also have a full range of fitness programs to get you back in shape or Muay Thai and Thai boxing training with the Hua Hin Muay Thai team.

Available Classes:

  • Qi Gong
  • Bodyweight fitness training
  • Wing Tsun Kung Fu
  • Muay Thai
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga

What is Wing Tsun: The main difference between Wing Tsun and other Wing Chun styles is the WT teaching method. The style’s creator Leung Ting developed the system to be easier to learn and teach compared to more traditional styles of Wing Chun.

As a descendant of Wing Chun, Wing Tsun shares much of the same history. It only branches after the death of Yip Man, as student Leung Ting decided to take what he had learned from his master and teach it in a much more direct fashion than was traditionally taught in Wing Chun.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Wing Tsun Kung Fu Bangkok: If you are based in Bangkok and you can’t make it to the school in Hua Hin, you can contact the school and get more info about Wing Tsun Kung Fu training in Bangkok and other area of Thailand.

We can now offer Wing Tsun Kung Fu tuition in Bangkok so if you’re based in Bangkok and can’t make it down to our Kung Fu school in Hua Hin just contact us for more info on Wing Tsun Kung Fu training in Bangkok and other areas of Thailand.


Klaus Lippert 2nd Level Technician

KlausKlaus Lippert was born in 1960 in Berlin, Germany he has bodyguarded international stars like Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes, Pamela Anderson, Richard Gere and Michael Douglas. Klaus has also worked as a movie stunt instructor and actor. Klaus started his career with American football, then moved on to judo and boxing, but didn’t find what he was actually looking for. However in 1995 his Sifu, Klaus Schildert (5.PG), introduced Klaus to an art of self defense called Wing Tsun (Leung Ting Wing Tsun) and Escrima. After intensive Wing Tsun studies on Schloss Langenzell in Germany Klaus opened his own school. He has been a successful, professional WT teacher for over 8 years.


Located in a superb setting between the famous Thai resort of Hua Hin and the fabulous Takiab Beach. A natural landscape provides the perfect setting for a motivational and challenging Martial Art/Holistic Fitness holiday for you to relish and test every mental and physical goal.

Take part in group lessons, private sessions in Kung Fu, or Fitness and benefit from personalized monitoring on the part of your coach. Only 150 meters from the best beach.

accom1The camp has a range of single and twin tropical bungalows set among coconut palms away from roads, noise and distraction. A central social area has been designed with relaxation in mind after your day training.
Our holiday packages are perfect if you want to learn Kung Fu, get fit and explore this beautiful part of Thailand but only have a short time here.

Kung Fu Holiday Packages:

The package includes the following:

  • Martial Arts/Fitness program, morning & afternoon 4-5 hours, 6 days a week
  • Tropical hut accommodation
  • 3 meals per day
  • Duvets and bed linen
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • maid service
  • Dedicated camp leaders

Holiday Packages:

Shared fan accommodation: 6,900.00 Baht/week | 28,900 Baht/month
Private fan accommodation: 9,900.00 Baht/week | 39,450 Baht/month

(All classes, time schedule and prices are subject to update and if necessary can adapt on your needs, please check the websites for the last updates: and