Mushin Ronin Aikikai teaches Nishio-ryu style of Aikido and it’s the only dojo in Thailand teaching this style of Aikido.
American Sensei Tony Tartaglia has been instructing over 30 years and with his 50 years of experience he is officially recognized by Hombu Dojo in Japan with the rank of “Rokudan”, 6th degree black belt.
Sensei Tony’s lineage comes directly from the Ueshiba family and he is very close to the current Doshu ( grandson of the master) . The son of O’Sensei was his Sensei and he entered Hombu at 24 years old in 1974.

Classes are basic aikido and advanced aikido depending on the skill of the students with jo training and ken training also knife defense and Iai sword practice with many katas. There are also training with sword against sword.
Lessons involve Nishio ryu Aikido and Toho Iai (iaido) styles, regular aikido with weapons training and sword practice.

The school is officially registered in World Headquarters Aikido Hombu in Tokyo.
The Dojo is 30 mt area in an air conditioned, canvas covered mats. Lockers room and showers are available.