The number of MMA and Muay Thai gyms in Thailand has grown quite a lot in the past few years. The marketing of some training places is at a “Fast Food level” by displaying advertising where fashion has more appeal than real training.

In contrast with all of this marketing wave there are some places where people go because they KNOW that they will get a proper professional training.

Lion’s Head Boxing is one, if not, the ONLY purely dedicated western boxing gym in Thailand. Built with a strong partnership with boxing brand legend Everlast, LHB has become the void filler for anyone in the country who doesn’t want to do Muay Thai or MMA.
The facility is known worldwide with teams from the Philippines, Brunei, India, Singapore coming over to train.

The experience as a personal trainer of the founder Jay-R precedes the gym itself. Jay-R has been training people for conditioning and boxing since 2009 and most all of his trainees are still following him today at Lion’s Head Boxing making the gym reaching over 100 members at just 2 months after the opening.

You can check out a very interesting interview with Jay-R about his work from Lifestyle Asia right here.

Members are coming to training for different purposes from weight loss and get fit to professional boxing training.
You don’t have to be or become a professional boxer while training at Lion’s Head, but the drills and the workouts will inspire much more self confidence and self control for your daily life.

The feeling you get inside this place is pure and genuine training spirit where you can understand that ego is not welcome but healthy friendship and respect are so common that you will absorb them after the first few hours.

The overall experience of all the trainers is able to cover different training approaches for any demand.

Coach Jay-R (lead trainer for boxing, strength conditioning)
Coach Jed (boxing L1, L2, kids, conditioning)
Coach Ham Ze (boxing, ring tricks)

The facility is very spacious in an open air environment and well protected from sun and rain. It’s very well equipped with all you need as the partnership with Everlast is a guarantee of quality for the equipment and the gym itself.

Lion’s Head Boxing is also actively involved in the Fight Night from Operation Smile Thailand while training some of the participants.

You can subscribe to Jay-R Youtube Channel where you can take a look at some videos showing some of the training sessions.