2013BackLogoAt Japan Karate Institute Wado Kai, Chiang Mai, you can learn and practice the style of karate known as Japan Karate-do Federation Wado Kai, For short, JKF Wado Kai karate.
As indicated by the name, this vision of Wado Ryu karate is recognized by the Japan Karate-do Federation as one of the four main traditional karate styles of Japan.
Wado Ryu karate was formulated by Hironori Otsuka. Mr. Otsuka was well versed in Shindo Yoshin Ryu jiujitsu when, in the early 1920’s, he watched a performance of what became known as karate.

This performance was led by Gichin Funakoshi, the person that formulated Shotokan karate. By melding together techniques, ideas, and principles of Shindo Yoshin Ryu and Shotokan, Hironori Otsuka made his style of karate, which he later named Wado Ryu Jujutsu Kenpo.

Practice include the JKF Wado Kai katas. In addition, we have basic katas to help learn movement, coordination, and balance.

The JKF Wado Kai katas are Pinans Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, and Godan. The more advanced katas are: Kushanku, Naihanchi, Seishan, Chinto, Bassai, Niseishi, Wanshu, Jion, Jitte, and Rohai.

In addition to the katas performed by one person, there are two person kumite katas called Kihon Kumite Kata.

Training can be followed almost everyday across 4 locations, also depending on time and level of skills. Please contact the main dojo for more info.

Main training locations:

  • Chiang Mai University Dojo
  • Ban Wang Tan Dojo
  • American Pacific International School Dojo
  • Mae Fah Luang University Dojo