Eric Dubay offers professional private self-defense lessons in the traditional Chinese martial art of Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) as well as Yoga, Pranayama, Qigong, and Meditation depending on clients’ needs and interests.
Sessions are generally done either at Ngam Wong Wan Ministry of Health Park or at client’s homes / condos / apartments / nearby parks in the greater Bangkok area (extra fee applies, on client request).

Eric also offers reduced rates for group lessons, so if you have a friend or two, or a few, be sure to bring them along.

On his website you can find interesting videos about Eric activity:

  • What is Wing Chun?
  • Why I Train Wing Chun
  • The Science of Self-Defense
  • Chi Life-Force Energy
  • Pranayama / Qigong
  • Bangkok Yoga

The lessons location, Ngam Wong Wan Ministry of Health Park in Northern Bangkok, is huge, quiet, and fairly secluded so there’s rarely more than a handful of people at any time making it a perfect outdoor training location.


  • 500 baht per hour (2 hours minimum).
  • Reduced rates for group lessons.

For more informations you can visit Eric Website and contact him via email