The Chen Tai Chi School of Thailand is dedicated to health and vitality with the mission of helping people to improve their lives with the wonderful art of Tai Chi.

Chen Tai Chi Thailand is the first school for the Chen Style of Tai Chi where you can study the oldest form in all Tai Chi – the Laojia 74.

The school follows the teachings from the longest lineage in Tai Chi as 20th Generation Chen Tai Chi Master Liu Yong taught to Peter Jenkinson, the instructor of the school in Thailand.

There are three levels of teaching at the school for which they grant certificates.

  • The short but comfortable 9 form
  • The 39 form
  • The full 74 form

During the progress you absorb layer upon layer of information about the warm ups, silk reeling, standing pole and the movements in the form to build a strong foundation in Tai Chi.

For visitors to the Land Of Smiles the teacher also offers short intensive courses tailor made to the student, which can include the Level 1 certificate or more advanced training.

Every year Master Liu , president of the school, comes to visit and check the school progress.

The instructor

“My strength as a teacher is to boost the student’s health and to encourage them to change their lives, to become healthier and happier people.”

Peter Jenkinson is from Manchester, England and has studied Chen Style Tai Chi for 15 years. Firstly with Howard Walmsley in Manchester, then through a course with 19th Generation Grand Master Zhu Tiancai and is now a student of 20th Generation Chen Style Tai Chi Master LiuYong in Lianyungang, China. He is certificated from Master Zhu and from Master LiuYong for the Laojia form.

He was encouraged to study Chen Style Tai Chi due to a recurring back problem and through the help of expert teachers, this is now not a problem. A damaged knee cartilage from an accident has now also been fixed through diligent practice and to the pride of Master LiuYong. Peter Jenkinson is a member of the Master LiuYong Chen Style Tai Chi International Association.

The place

During weekends, classes are located at the 8th floor of Pyiavan Tower near the BTS Ari in Bangkok. The Area is a wide and nice open air space covered from the sun and away from pollution. Practice of Tai Chi does not promote the use of air conditioned  as it affects feelings.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays morning practice are held at the Benjasiri Park, next to the Emporium shopping mall (BTS Phrom Phong). As the school is constantly growing with the participation of good students, also Tuesdays morning practices at the park will be added soon.

You can come dressed ready for class and there is no need for change before and after the classes.