Which Martial Art can you learn in Thailand?

The first that come to mind is of course Muay Thai! But what about all the other styles?

Karate, Judo, Kung-fu, Tai Chi, Aikido and all the MMA world, not forgetting the well loved self defense are also available in many places around the kingdom, but not always easy to find.

Martial Arts Thailand is dedicated to group the available resources about Martial Arts, events, tournaments, shops and other information that sometimes need a deep research to find what you are looking for.

Remember, it’s not about what is the best place but what place is best for you.

Thailand is well known to be the home of Muay Thai and there are a multitude of schools where anyone can learn this powerful local fighting style.

Also international federations schools like JKA and AIKIKAI have a main school in Bangkok and different affiliates in other locations.

In almost every park you can find Tai Chi practitioners exercising early in the morning and teachers as well.

Beside these common places there are many other schools and trainers that can offer the right training if you want to learn a new style or if you need to refresh and continue what you left in the past.

Some are more professional and others are more relaxing, some are expensive and others can be free.

The target of Martial Arts Thailand is to give you a choice and a meeting point  where you can find and share your passions regarding body and mind activities.

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I really wish you to find what you are looking for, if not you can contact me with your suggestions using the contact page.

A Warm welcome to everyone!