If in your childhood you had some Japanese Pro-Wrestlers among your heroes (mine was Tiger Mask) you are going to love this!

At the Japan Expo 2016 in Bangkok we had the pleasure to attend the Pro-Wrestling event organized in collaboration between Gatoh Move from Thailand and the famous Michinoku Pro-Wrestling from Japan.

It was a great opportunity to let Thais be aware of the Pro-Wrestling in Thailand and for what we saw it was VERY entertaining!

The public was cheering and taking parts during the fights supporting the wrestlers as their new personal heroes.
While we all know about the reality of their fights, we really loved to see kids and families get involved in the show.

The wrestlers looked like they were coming our of a comic book with their persona very well defined and outstanding performance.
I gotta say, these guys were able to perform some moves that even real skilled martial artists can only dream of. Their athletic preparation surely required quite a lot of training.

Gatoh Move is promoting and organizing Pro-Wrestling events in Thailand. The General Manager Mr.Pumi is putting great effort to create these events so he can have a proper ring to let the wrestlers perform. At the moment the frequent shows are mostly performed on a big mat without ropes but still extremely realistic, funny and entertaining.

For more informations about their next performances check the Gatoh Move facebook page, totally worth to spend a night with them!



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