For all the MMA lovers in Bangkok: There is an upcoming surprise for you!!

Imagine “la creme de la creme” of the top notch international fighters beating up each other in one of the most famous nightclub of Bangkok Metropolis (Club Insanity – former Insomnia).

“Held in a nightclub on Bangkok’s infamous Sukhumvit Road, blood-thirsty fans right up against the cage, screaming vengeance through the wire, bass lines pumping, booze flowing, hot chicks, lasers, lights and Jon Nutt screaming sweet justice down the mike, as some of the finest fighters on the planet went head to head in the battle to win The Million Dollar Tournament.”(

All of this beauty has one simple name: DARE 2013

DARE Fight Sports, has announced MMA’s first live show in Bangkok since the sport was banned in March last year by the Sports Authority of Thailand.

The famous fighting event will be also broadcast to over 700 millions TVs in the U.S.A. and the People’s Republic of China for the first time.

The 3 years TV deal with Seven Star Entertainment / Tiger TV will transmit all DARE’s past and upcoming events on CCTV-5 in China and NBC Sports in U.S.A. (like and addictive series).

The Tournament is divided into 8 weight divisions with 16 fighters in each group. They will compete in a knock-out tournament, the winners of the opening round going through to the quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

DARE fighters are chosen from the cream of the world’s top MMA warriors, including a fantastic mix of home-grown Asian talent, up-and-coming MMA fighters from across the globe and a few old-school generals of the MMA scene, all united in their thirst for the prize. While some of them are “veterans” of the tournament some other new fighters will breach their own way to get to the final price.

I’m delighted to announce that our friend Shane “Ronin” will compete again in this tournament and surely is training over the limits for DARE 2013. If you feel like having some professional training from a “cage warrior” go visit him in his gym at “Boxer Rebellion”.

DARE – REBELS OF MMA – OCTOBER 12 – Live from Bangkok

Tickets are limited, you can book by following the REGISTER NOW button here below!

-FLOOR PASSES 2,000 THB (The usual, Five star DARE experience.)

-PODIUM PASSES 3,500 THB (For those who want to ride with style and cakes. Includes a higher view to the fights and some catering)


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