On July 12th, 2015 at the Indoor Training facility inside the Sports Authority of Thailand we assisted at the “1st Zendokai Thailand Open Shingi Cup 2015“.

When we visited the Shingi Dojo MMA in Phra Khanong last year we had a positive meeting with Kenji Akiyama who is the school main teacher and former Japanese Zendokai MMA pro fighter. The school gave us a great sense of family and friendship, a place where you want your children to start learning martial arts.

At 8:30am the event started out with Kenji explaining the main rules of the tournament and then proceeded with the fights.

While the children bouts were performed on the wide tatami, the adults fights were taking place mostly on the ring available at the venue.

Fewer but nice fights between the adults in the morning left the ring available in the afternoon when all the children “colonized” the ring bouncing and racing around. Which was quite fun to watch during breaks between bouts.

The overall feeling of the event was very friendly and respectful, we could absorb the spirit of Budo from the Zendokai schools in Thailand.

We are definitely looking forward for the next Zendokai event!

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