12th Wai in 2014 we went to the 1st World Muay Boran Championship in Ayutthaya we received a warm welcome from Grand Master Woody and all the Kru Muay Thai Association allowing us to document the event in pictures and share them with all of you.
This year we were invited to attend at the 12th Wai Kru Ceremony at Wat Mahthat where we had the chance to gather great testimonials among with spectacular images and moments.

This is a mini documentary about the 12th Wai Kru Ceremony where we tried to compress all the best parts of this event making it an emotional journey in the history and culture of Muay Thai, The Muay Boran.

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Special Thanks to Grand Master Woody (Chinawut, Sirisompan), Grand Master Kevin Lloyd and Grand Master Mohd Nooramin Kaw for their explanations of the event and to give us an insight of many great things to aspect in the future of Muay Boran.

12th Wai veteran Muay Thai fighters like Juli Firso and Jade Sirisompan had their passage to higher grade, others were discovering the Muay Thai culture for the first time. Still, all of them were very much enthusiastic about this event.
The ceremony was majestic. From the entrance of the elephants in the field to the final Muay Thai fighters vow from the students to their masters everyone was immersed in an emotional and spiritual feeling.

12th Wai governor of the Tourism Authirity of Thailand (T.A.T.) Yuthasak Supasorn and the Governor of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Prayoon Rattanasenee have been posing the Mongkol on the head of over 1200 fighters creating a human chain that continued to the grand masters for receiving the blessing.
Muay Thai celebrities like Samart Payakaroon and Kaopong Sitichuchai (Dhawee Umponmaha) ended up the ceremony performing a spectacular Wai Kru together with all the fighters.

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